4 Stylish Modes with HP x360

Living the life I do, technology is a major part of my life and the ease of it is crucial in having a successful day. From working at my office during the day to coming home and working on my blog after my regular 9-5, technology is my best friend. I am so excited to be partnering up with HP Pavilion x360 and sharing the 4 modes of my life and how this computer is the perfect laptop for a blogger and designer like myself! This is no ordinary laptop like you might be thinking, it has 4 Modes: Laptop, Tablet, Tent and Stand! It's so beyond incredible because its so easy for my busy on-the-go lifestyle and makes it so easy to keep my blog and social media channels as up to date as possible. I decided to share the 4 Modes of this laptop and how I use each mode in my everyday life from getting ready for work all the way to lounging on the couch!
Laptop Mode:
This mode is perfect for when I need to answer emails and get some major work done so I use it in the laptop mode when I sit at my desk. I can use the touch screen on the touchpad to easily navigate from project to project!
Tablet Mode:
When I am feeling a little more comfortable and want to work in my pajamas on a Saturday morning I put it into tablet mode so I can easily use it while lounging on the couch. I love checking out my blog and others, pinning away on Pinterest and checking Facebook in this mode!
Stand Mode:
While I am getting ready for work or appointments in the morning, I love to use this mode to quickly check email or checking the weather to figure out what the heck I should wear for that day (as you see the clothes spread all over my bed!) It's also PERFECT for watching movies, music videos and Netflix without having to hold it up! I have already watched a ton of movies in this mode and can't get enough of it!
Tent Mode:
I love this mode for listening to music as I get ready for a night out with the girls or various blog events. It sits perfectly on my sink and takes up so little room but is the perfect way to get me pumped up for whatever I am getting ready for! I used it standing up vertically but you can also use it horizontally!
Photos Credit: Wendy Smith
You can see from above that the HP Pavilion x360 is the perfect computer for someone who has a busy and active lifestyle! What is even better is that HP is partnering up with Meghan Trainor's "That Bass Tour" and is giving us all the behind the scenes access, which for me is awesome because Meghan Trainor is always on my work playlists and helps me crank through all my to dos! You can follow along with the tour by watching Behind The Scenes episodes here and make sure to follow @HP for updates! 

How would you use the HP x360 in your daily life?

So until next time... Live Stylishly 

Disclosure: I was gifted the HP x360 and compensated for this review but all opinions are my own. 
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