5 Stylish Resolutions for 2015

A new year means a fresh start and fresh resolutions. For the first time in my life I actually kept one of my five goals for 2014 from start to finish. I managed to exercise and drink more water and it is now a part of my daily routine. Sometimes we set goals and then by about March or April we slip into our old ways, but last year I was determined to change that and am so proud I did! With 2015 here its time for me to set new goals for myself and keep previous ones going. So as I do every year, I have decided to share my top 5 goals for 2015! If you have been putting off something you have been wanting to do, now is the time! 
1. Live In The Moment
I sometimes can be so busy, I forget to live in the moment and my life passes me by. I turn 25 this year and I want to look back on this year 25 years from now and say to myself "wow I really lived that year to the fullest." Reminding myself that living in the moment and not always being ten steps ahead is important.
2. Surround Myself With People Who Better Me
At times you can surround yourself with people that you might think make you happy, but they don't let you be your true self, and I am guilty of doing that. I plan to strengthen the already important friendships I have and start to surround myself with people who love me as much as I love them. 
3. Stay Healthy
This is my goal every year and as I mentioned above, I actually kept it last year and am going to continue to keep fit and living healthy.
4. Give Back
I really am determined to make this happen this year. Financially, last year I wasn't able to give back as much as I wanted, but this year I am making a conscious effort to give back to others, even if its small. 
5. Smile More
I know this is a total cliche resolution, but sometimes I notice I am so engrossed in work, I forget to smile and be happy that I am alive and well. This is key for my other goals to work as well I believe.
So now I want to hear your goals for 2015! Share them below or on social media!
So until next time... Live Stylishly
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