A Stylish Napa Weekend Getaway Recap

Happy Monday! I am back from my weekend getaway to Napa and can I just say, "what an incredible weekend!" I had the absolute best time visitning the gorgeous Napa Valley and getting to try some amazing wines and meet some incredible people. My parents went above and beyond anything my sister and I could have ever imagined for our first trip to Napa and I can't wait to share it all! We flew in San Francisco on Friday so were only able to visit one winery, but this was an incredible start to the trip! We started at Robert Mondavi, one of my personal favorites, and got to take a inside tour of the winery, learn all the history and of course get to taste some incredible wines. 

Saturday was our big day and we had a guide drive us around to the best spots. We started at Enriquez Family Wines, which is owned by a 27 year adorable gal named Cecilia, yes I said 27! She has been in the wine business for three years and her story is absolutely incredible and reccomend this winery to everyone and anyone. She was such a sweetheart and really loves making wine. We then headed to Robert Hunter Winery where the magic really happened. We took a tour of the incredible grounds and got to taste some of the best wine and champagne I have ever had. We heard all about how Robert and his wife Ann ran the winery and then last year Robert passed and Ann, who is now 88, still runs the winery along with the help of others. Hearing the story of Ann and Robert was so amazing I could only imagine what it would be like to actually meet her in person. Our host, Kurt, had said she was resting and may come out and say hi but we knew she was resting and it was a Saturday. All of the sudden, Ann comes out and we get to have a private (and delicious) lunch with her on her patio overlooking the vineyard! It was just my family and Ann and we got to listen to her absolutely amazing stories and spend time with her. Even at 88 she is a fireball and drank her entire glass of champagne! I am so beyond grateful I got to meet this amazing women and couldn't be more thankful to my parents for giving me this opportunity!

I, of course, had my camera and took pictures along the way so I thought I would share some of my favorites.  I also managed to sneak some outfit pics in as well! If you have the itch to go to Napa, GO! It was such an incredible trip and I want to go back again soon! Thanks again to my parents for making this awesome trip happen! I love you both!
Dress: c/o Deb Shops (sold out similar) // Hat: Target // Sandals: c/o Deb Shops (sold out similar) // Necklace: Forever 21 (similar) // Purse: c/o Deb Shops (splurge here) // Watch: Nordstrom  // Flash Tattoos (seen on right arm)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!
So until next time.... Live Stylishly

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