Stylish Summer Swimsuits

Stylish Summer Swimsuits
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While I love shopping, shopping for swimsuits might be my least favorite thing. I think most girls can relate to me on this. I only wish I could look like the girls in the magazines, but this is reality and I can't, so I am stuck trying bikinis on in a horribly lit dressing room with mirrors that distort my body and its just a flat out miserable experience. I am on the hunt for a new bikini before my birthday trip to Palm Springs in a few weeks, and while I am okay with spending some money, I'd rather not pay an arm and a leg for a bikini. I scoured the web (literally) to find perfect options that are affordable and stylish! I would love to hear your thoughts on bikini shopping and what styles you prefer! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

So until next time... Live Stylishly
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