Stylish Fit Tuesday's: Week 3

stylish fit tuesdays
This was really fun for me. Being on a budget when it comes to workout clothes can be tricky. I found all of this for under 100$. A classy, good quality, cute, trendy outfit you can reuse over and over!

Gym Outfits Under $100
1. Nike Sports Bra: $36
2. Hair-ties, Etsy: $5
3. Camelback Water Bottle: $18
4. Champion Pants: $32
5. Novelty Shirt: $18
Total: $107
Okay so I went a little over, but it's all necessity ;-)

I wanted to thank Alex for letting me guest blog on her site the last 3 weeks, working with your best friend is one the most fulfilling things a person can accomplish. I hope you have enjoyed my knowledge and even the fun stuff! Next week Alex and I will be reunited for a weekend and I can't wait to see what we get to share. Namaste :)

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