Stylish Guest Blogger: Twenty-Four-Seven Fashion

Today is my 3rd day here in Wisconsin, and I have to say I am loving it! It is such a gorgeous place and I am getting some much needed R&R. I am also excited to share the first of five amazing bloggers that graciously offered to post for me while I am away! Haley of Twenty-Four-Seven Fashion has been a dear friend of mine for almost 3 years now and I couldn't be more excited to have her guest blogging for me again! She asked me to help her redesign her blog after taking the year off to focus on school and I couldn't be happier to help bring her back into the blogging world, I am so excited to kick off the week with a favorite and adorable blogger like Haley!
I'm so happy to be guest blogging for Stylelista Confessions again this year! After being on a year long break from blogging, I'm glad to be back! And after four long years of hard work towards my Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree I can proudly announce that I'm graduating this week! 

I feel like simplicity is key on graduation day - it's often hot, there's a lot of sitting, you're in a gown for the majority of the time. For me, my graduation outfit is going to be about mixing high and low price items. The dresses I picked may be a little expensive, but finding an affordable but classy shoe these days is fairly easy to do (I'm looking at you Zara!).  A small clutch and statement necklace and you're all set for accessories! 

I would love to hear your opinions on what to wear to a commencement ceremony. What is a fashion no-no (I'm talking too much skin!)? Are any colors off limits?

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Congratulations to all of you who are graduating this year! If you take a look at my blog you may notice that there are no posts, this is because Alex and I have been working together to create a new layout! I'm excited to say it is finished and I will be posting soon! Thank you Alex for the opportunity to guest post again and for the help with my blog! (She truly is talented y'all!)

Haley x

I am nostalgic of Haley graduating, it feels like I have been out of college forever! Congrats Haley! Make sure to head over to her blog Twenty-Four-Seven Fashion for everything fashion! xoxo