Stylish Guest Blogger: A Slice of Glam

Happy Tuesday stylelistas! Today is another fabulous day here in Wisconsin and I am so excited to have my dear friend Amberly of A Slice of Glam as today's guest blogger. We have been friends for years and I love that we share the passion for fashion and blogging and I am so excited she is willing to post for me again!

Hey everyone!  I'm sharing with you some of my recent fashion finds.  I've been doing a little shopping for my upcoming vacation, and one of the trends I'll be packing is a crop top.  At first I wasn't really a fan of this look, but I think paired with a high waist pencil skirt it will be a style that I can pull off.  (Hopefully! ha!)  So here's to upping the ab workouts and shopping for the perfect crop top!

Make sure to follow A Slice of Glam and thank you again Amberly for the amazing post! xoxo


  1. I feel like I can not pull off the crop top trend, at all. But, I love top #1!


  2. These are all so cute! But I don't think I'm brave enough for a crop top....maybe on a vacation though, I'm always a bit more adventurous with style then ;)

  3. THANKS for having me! Hope you're enjoying your vacation!! :)


  4. The first one is so sweet and I love the sheer panels of the last one. I am not one to bare all, but crop tops look amazing with a high waisted-midi or maxi skirt. That way you don't show too much skin!