Stylish Nail Collection: Essie Neon 2013

As I was cleaning up my room yesterday and cleaning up my nail polish storage, I realized I have so much nail polish and I really shouldn't add any more to my collection, but we know that won't happen! I also am a HUGE fan of neons, which everyone knows, so when I heard Essie would be releasing a neon summer collection, I couldn't have been more excited. The colors are all to die for, and the names are even better! The collection is now available where ever Essie is sold!
DJ Play That Song – Infectious grooves. Killer backbeat. Pump-up the volume in the jam-miest neon nail polish that gets everyone on their feet.
Saturday Disco Fever – Your temperature is rising and the only cure is a night on the town and this superhot fire coral polish, doctor’s orders.
Bouncer, It’s Me! – Muscles, lists, velvet ropes? No problem. Gain entry and instant recognition in this intensively vivid blue polish that’s your ticket in.
Shake Your $$ Maker – Light up the fashion scene in this electric green nail color and shake, strut and sashay your way up the ladder of success.
Bottle Service – Score the best table in the house. Scope the scene and pour on the party this scorching neon fuchsia nail color, cheers!
Boom Boom Room – Feel like dancing the night away in the hottest boite in town? This ultra bright pink nail polish is your passport to party paradise. Boom!
Picture and Info Credit: Here and Here
What's your favorite color of the collection?
So until next time... Live Stylishly