Stylish Nail Collection: Essie Resort 2013

While I am still waiting to grab the spring 2013 Essie collection, Essie is already announcing its resort collection which will launch in April and I have to say is this collection might have been created for me, every color is my favorite (I know I say that every time) and are all colors that I am known for wearing pretty darn often. This collection is perfect for the transition from spring to summer!
Come Here! - An outrageously nearly neon coral.
First Timer - Fresh newbie green.
In the Cab-ana- Self assured aqua azure (my pick of the bunch).
Under Where - Wildly flirtatious orchid.
Nice Package - Whistle worthy pink dahlia. 
Again?!? - Fired up raspberry punch.
(all images credit here)
What are you favorite shades?
So until next time... Live Stylishly

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  1. Loveee everything about it. My favorite is first timer and under wear!