Stylish Jewelry Designer: Blessed Charm

My favorite PR person, Shae, always tells me about the hottest up and coming brands and when I received an email yesterday about ANOTHER accessories line, I knew I had to share with my readers! Another emerging designer from the beautiful city of Los Angeles, Blessed Charm was started by Emily Rabinowitz. 
"Emily Rabinowitz discovered it was natural to create jewelry that could universally represent sentimental connections that hopefully anyone is able to feel regardless of personal experience or religion. After ten years in the entertainment industry, living in Los Angeles, and working in corporate environments Emily decided it was time to make a change and enjoy life. She made a commitment to pursue her creative outlet full time. As the daughter of an artist/interior designer and an architect Emily learned to appreciate color and the satisfaction of physically building something. As a teenager Emily would join her mother in jewelry making and bead creations. It was at age 21 when her mother handed her an old dismantled heirloom and said “why don’t you see what you can do with it,” that sparked Emily’s desire to design fine jewelry. For the past fourteen years she has continued to develop her designs as well as her techniques in making innovative pieces of jewelry that she and her clients can enjoy forever.She is reminded everyday of her blessings by her friends, family, including her husband Armand, her beautiful kids Owen and Joely and two fabulous dogs known as her "Furry Children." It is Emily's wish that others who wear her jewelry will exude the same sense of appreciation for the gifts in their own lives."

This line is really unique and really stood out to me and I am excited to see her grow into a huge accessory designer I know she will be! Blessed Charm is already a celeb hit and is a must have on my fall wish list!
Thanks to Shae at Pivotal PR for the images and info!
So until next time.... Live Stylishly