Stylish Nail Collection: Essie Summer 2012

I know I was a tad MIA last week but I have a solid excuse, our internet at my house went out and I was unable to use my laptop to write posts until yesterday. It is fixed and I am back and ready to post all things stylish! This weekend I was at a girlfriend's house and we were searching online and we found a sneak peak of the TWO summer collections Essie will be releasing in June! The colors are basically beyond amazing and IDEAL for summer! The first is summer worthy as the second is a collection of neon colors cleverly called "Poppy-Razzi"(see the color names below). I of course must have EVERY color! Check out the two collections below!
from left to right:
Fear or Desire—obsession-worthy bright orange
Off the Shoulder—daring, scorching hot pink
Cascade Cool—frosty, shimmery carnation pink
Bikini so Teeny—provocative lustrous sky blue
All Tied Up—naughty molten bronze
Mojito Madness—fun-loving party lime
Photo credit: here and here
What are your favorite colors, I want them all!
So until next time... Live Stylishly