Stylish Online Shopping Obsession:

For my second post of 2012, I wanted to make it something very Stylelista Confessions worthy, so when I was contacted by Elissa the owner of Shop I knew I had found a PERFECT match. Shop Reverie is a online shopping site that sells everything from MinkPink to ArynK to BBDakota, all brands I happen to LOVE! All the items are very affordable yet stylish and glamourous which I LOVE even more! I got to ask Elissa a few questions about how she created her company and what she feels most stylish in! See her answers below!

1. What inspired you to start your company? 
I've always wanted my own store, but my original idea was brick & mortar rather than e-commerce based. I loved the idea of creating a theme within a store, but the notion of opening a store in NY was daunting and I began researching how to start an online boutique. I found the word Reverie in the thesaurus, learned how to obtain a business license in the state of  New York, talked to my contacts who own showrooms and began working with them to place orders for merchandise. Once I found a web designer, the process went from 0-60, and I just went with it!Working for a contemporary showroom after college taught me a lot about buying for a specialty store, and once I had that figured out I felt that I could do this.

2. What inspires you when buying for your store? 
During my first buy it was very hard to buy according to inspiration because I had to buy from left over stock rather than in advance. Going forward my inspiration is based largely on fantasy and dreams, hence the name ShopReverie. I've learned that what excites and inspires customers is an experience and a sort of fantasy, so I am trying to incorporate this idea into my photo shoots and overall brand image. I also try to make sure that garments are practical but also have something special to them. The fringe benefits skirt is a good example of an item that is practical but has that special detail to it. My fantasy and dream-like items are the Aphrodite dress and Juliette chiffon blouse from Fall.

3. What do you feel most like a "stylelista" in?
 I feel like a stylelista in an amazing pair of wedges. Wedges are funky and sexy all at once, and you're almost guaranteed to be able to walk fast and not fall- walking fast is important in NYC! A scarf is always important as well ;)

4. What upcoming spring trend are you so excited for? 
Anorak jackets for the tom-boy in me and color-blocking.

5. Anything else you want my readers to know about your company? 
I order all merchandise and create the assortments for the site, create and style all of the shoots, and market the website and brand all on my own. There may not seem like much merchandise now, but don't fret- MUCH more is to come by early February!

I decided to pick my top 5 pieces from the site since I can only imagine that within weeks, the site will be filled with even more amazing items. I am SO glad Elissa contacted me and I can't wait to keep shopping on her site as new arrivals appear. Along with her website, you can follow on Facebook and Twitter

So until next time..... Live Stylishly