Stylish Designer Spotlight: Sigalie Jewelry

One of the perks of working in downtown LA is that I get to meet a lot of up and coming designers and this designer is no exception! When I was interning at the jewelry showroom, one of the lines that was represented was a jewelry line called Sigalie. I got to do a few freelance projects with her as I designed her current line sheet along with pictures seen on her website, Designer Sigalie Oren was bored and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel and has created an incredible jewelry line inspired by the gorgeous city. All the pieces are handmade from silk thread, leather cord, czech glass, venetian beads, and mixed metals. She also uses rare gemstones, hand crochet, and parts and pieces she finds in Israel, Bali, and Inia. With a warm zen like feeling, the collection is all about unique incredible pieces that are so affordable as well! I got to ask Sigalie a few questions and am excited to share her answers with my readers!
Stylelista:What inspires you when creating your jewelry?
Sigalie Oren: Designing Jewelry is my passion, I get inspired from nature, good energy, and people around me.

S: How did you get involved in the industry?
SO: My family owned a women's denim company which I was very involved with growing up. I got to take part in the production, styling, shows, and sales and love every part of it thus it was natural for me to go into the industry as an adult. 

S: What is your definition of style?
  SO: Everyone has a unique style, and when you develop your style, that feels right to you, its all about  balance.

S: What are your favorite pieces from the collection?
SO: I love every piece but if I had to choose my top 4 they would be:
You can check out Sigalie's website for the entire collection as well as like her page on Facebook!
So until next time... Live Stylishly