Stylish Shopping Site: Sheyna

As you probably know, I love jewelry equally as much as I love clothes, so when I am introduced to a unique one of a kind jewelry pieces, I get beyond excited. I was contacted by Sheyna (which means beautiful), whom is a company that has over 500 different designers that hand make every piece that is ordered. It is made to order jewelry and you as the customer get to personalize it in every aspect. Who wouldn't want to have a one of a kind accessory and claim it as your own. Well Sheyna is the place to do it! It takes minutes to design an incredible piece of jewelry and the pice reflects the materials chosen. From gold jewelry to silver jewelry to pendant necklaces, Sheyna has EVERYTHING you need to create a STYLISH piece of jewelry that is one of a kind.You can also see what the designers have created and customize it to your liking. What is even more awesome is that most pieces can be customized for under $100!

This website is SO stylelista approved! It only takes 28 days to get your handmade piece and they even offer free shipping all over the globe! But wait it gets better, Sheyna has offered Stylelista Confessions readers an extra 10 percent discount (use code sheyna10), EVEN more reason to get your piece right away! I am definitely creating my piece right away and ordering it just in time for the holidays! I am so  excited that I was contacted by this company and can't wait to see what pieces my readers order! Along with their adorable website, you can follow Sheyna on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to David at Sheyna for contacting me and introducing me to this fabulous website!!

So until next time... Live Stylishly