Stylish Nail Polish Collaboration: Nicki Minaj and OPI

OPI always knows the ideal person to partner up with for a new collection. First it was Katy Perry whom everyone FLIPPED for and it was sold out EVERYWHERE and it was perfect because Katy is known for extravagant nails, now the nail polish empire is teaming up with another ideal candidate... NICKI MINAJ. While Nicki is known for her crazy outfits and hair, her nails are always equally as insane and her new collection with OPI is not any different. I actually really like the colors and cant wait to grab a few. Just like Katy Perry's collection, all the names in Nicki's collection are inspired by her hit songs and fit each color perfectly! While we have to wait until January, it will be worth it to start 2012 off with such adorable nail colors! Check out the collection below!
from left to right: Fly, Save Me, Superbass Crackle, Did It On Em, Metallic For Life, Prink Friday
all photos credit: Refinery 29 and OPI
What are your favorite colors?
So until next time.... Live Stylishly