Stylish Perfume Must Haves

Along with nail polish, I have a severe addiction to perfumes. This addiction started wayy before my nail polish obsession and I think was made worse by working in a beauty store and having a pretty decent discount. Once I left Ulta and started working for Free People, I channeled my obsession on clothes (I think I may need therapy haha) This weekend as I was shopping at the local Ulta in Houston, I realized it has been ages since I've bought any new fragrances and I knew that had to change. SO many new scents have been released and I could have been purchasing them so I spent a good amount of time in the fragrance section and made a list of my must have scents that I have to buy! I will always be a fan of Miss Dior Cherie, but sometimes a girl's gotta mix it up right?

from left to right: Vera Wang "Preppy Princess", Kate Spade"Twirl", Pucci "Miss Pucci",  Marc Jacobs "Daisy Eau So Fresh", Lolita "Lempicka" Cartier "Delices"

What are your favorite scents?
So until next time... Live Stylishly