Stylish Summer Must Have: Beach Bags

Since I am moving to SoCal very soon, I am almost positive that going to the beach will be a weekly activity for me! I am always wanting to bring practically my entire house with me, you never know what you might need at the beach, but never have a bag big enough to carry all my necessities. I remember growing up my mom always had the best beach bags and I would always want to carry one too and now that I am all grown up I can. I went through my bags and found that I don't really have a bag thats quite right for the beach so I decided to find some that are inexpensive and yet very stylish. I love straw bags, I think they are the perfect beach bag, but I also love cute printed ones as well check out what I found that won't break the bank!
Beach Bags
1. Stripe Farmer's Market Tote, $50, J. Crew
2. Ibiza Beach Tote, $98, Free People
3. Calypso Tote, $85, Michael Stars
4. Jute Based Tote, $20, Calypso St. Barth for Target
5. Bueno Bolsa Tote, $45, Volcom
So until next time... Live Stylishly

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