Stylish New Obsession: Maxi Dresses

Today I am getting an incredible opportunity to meet the owner of Free People. While it's quite an honor to have been chosen by my boss to meet her its also extremely nerve-wracking as she is the head honcho of the company and is the reason why FP is so successful! Of course with this meeting, I have to represent the brand in more ways than ever, so I splurged on an item that I have been wanting for a while, a maxi dress. Since FP is all about layering, I chose a solid grey maxi under a red printed maxi dress that is my style.

As I was trying the dress on I realized that maxi dresses don't look horrible on me and that I definitely am going to start shopping for me in the future! I have always loved Gypsy 05 and FP maxi dresses, but always thought since I had such a long torso that maxi dresses just looked awkward on me but I was pleasantly surprised to see they actually flatter me very nicely and they are SO comfy! I have been lusting over a few maxi dresses that I of course am sharing them with you :) I am excited to be stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things!
Maxi Dresses

1. Shayanne Summer Maxi Dress, $248, French Connection
2. Sunburst Maxi, $118, Free People (this is my next purchase at work when we get my size in!)
3. Damien Bias Cut Maxi, $340, Winter Kate
4. Hallie Silk Tie-Dye Dress, $250, Gypsy 05 (Lauren Conrad owns this dress)
5. Rachel Pally Cora Dress, $229
My outfit: We The Free Feathered Maxi Dress, $88, Free People

What are your favorite maxi dresses?
So until next time... Live Stylishly