Stylish Mother's Day Gift Ideas from JewelMint

Mother's Day is right around the corner and if you are like me, finding the perfect gift to show your mom how much you love her and appreciate her can be difficult. As I was searching for gifts for my own mother I ironically got an email from Bollare PR that included a list of 5 fashionable mother's day gifts from JewelMint, the jewelry line designed by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter. What is even better, is the five items on the list, you will get 50 percent off! Each item was hand chosen and has a little note from Cher as well! Of course I had to share these 5 items that are definitely a definite win with any mom!
1. Statement Earrings 

There is nothing more striking than elegant statement earrings teamed with her favorite LBD. Our Charleston Earrings feature an ornate design that will give your mum a touch of sparkle this year.’ 

 -Cher Coulter, Co-designer, JewelMint

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2. A Versatile Scarf
For a hard to shop for mum, a scarf can make a great gift because it will carry her through each season.  Cashmere, knit, and linen are all fantastic fabric choices. Neutral scarves are a sure bet because they won’t clash with other colors.  Does your mum have an edgier taste?  Don’t be afraid to get her a vibrant or patterned scarf, like this one from Madewell. I’d love to see this piece tied in a knot or thrown over the shoulders.  Throw on a cute bracelet to complete the look’
-Cher Coulter, Co-designer, JewelMint

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3. A Useful Jewelry Box
‘There is nothing better than finding a useful gift your mum can adore! A jewelry box is perfect to display all of the unique pieces  she owns.  I love when women use their boxes, like this one from Pottery Barn, to showcase their collection.  This will be a gift she can enjoy every day!’
 -Cher Coulter, Co-designer, JewelMint

4.  A Pretty Pendant
When you get your mum jewelry, go for a design with personality.  A pendant feels modern, yet sentimental.  JewelMint’s Romantic Pine Pendant ( ) is an elegant choice to show your mum how much you care.’ 
-Cher Coulter, Co-designer, JewelMint
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5.  Her Signature Scent Or Perfume Bottle 
Give your mother her favorite scent to fill her days with loveliness.  If you’re not sure which perfume she prefers, opt for a perfume bottle! These treasures come in a variety of sizes and designs.  Try one with a vintage stopper, similar to this precious bottle from Anthropologie. This gift is so personal and will make the perfume feel uniquely her own. ‘ 
-Cher Coulter, Co-designer, JewelMint

With any of these gifts, you are sure to win over your mom's heart :) Have a fantastic weekend stylelistas!
Until next time... Live Stylishly