Stylish Designer Review: Megha Jain for Taara Jewelry

I have been blogging for about two years now and have come a long way from my early days as a inexperienced blogger writing about her random thoughts. I am so blessed to have various designers contact me asking me to review their newest collections and  fashion PR companies sharing the latest and greatest fashion and beauty trends! Last week when Megha Jain contacted me about her jewelry line and offered to send me some sample pieces to review. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to wear unique jewelry that I know none of my friends have yet and learn more about a designer is a definite added bonus! Megha Jain is the owner and designer of Taara Jewelry and was recently featured in InStyle Magazine. She sent me over a biography and her unique story goes along perfectly with her amazingly gorgeous jewelry!
Taara featured in April 2011 issue of InStyle Magazine
She started Taara in 2009 in Hong Kong after she was exhausted with her long hours at Morgan Stanley and wanted to tap into her creative side. She took the huge risk and moved to Hong Kong, which enabled her to easily go back and forth to India, where her aunt, Kalpana Jain, owned a jewelry company. Taara is an offshoot of that company but smaller and Megha revamped its design and clientel and thus Taara was born! 
Each piece has been designed to be worn as a statement piece, worn by itself. Taara comes from the word "sitara" which means stars in Sanskrit and this image is reflected in many of the pieces. The look and feel of the pieces bring the wearer back to the Mughal Empire, a time in history where opulence and fantasy was felt throughout the atmosphere. Each piece resembles what kings and queens wore in Rajasthan during that time. Megha's collections include rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants. She focuses on stones that not only have an interesting story, but also a great healing power.
Megha sent me over these beautiful pieces that I was in awe as soon as I opened. The ring is absolutely gorgeous and the earrings are stunning. You can view all of the Taara collection on her website here or find her on Facebook! Thank you again Megha for sending me the gorgeous pieces I can't wait to see what you bring in the future! xo

So until next time... Live Stylishly