Stylish Summer Collection: Volcom

Since I am moving to LA in June I know that my wardrobe is finally going to return to my love of shorts and a bikini (on my days off of course) and while I lived in LA I was always a HUGE fan of Volcom. They are the most incredible line for anything beachy, and exhibit the ultimate "California Girl" look. I follow them on Twitter and have been tweeting them back and forth and realized I wanted to share some of my favorite new pieces from their upcoming Summer collection with my readers! If you know me in person, you know this is exactly how my style is, very laid back and chic!
Day Dreamer Short Jumper, available April 2011
Cloud Nine Dress, available March 2011
Talking Flowers Tank, available March 2011
Southern Summer Cover Up Dress, available March 2011
Sweet Buns High Waisted Shorts, available May 2011
Thataway Beach Twist Back Tank, available March 2011
Forever Creedlers, available April 2011
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Check out the entire summer collection HERE
So until next time... Live Stylishly