Stylish Shopping Mission: Denim Shorts

A few weeks back I wrote a post on a warm weather must: shorts. Well, now that I am home in Texas and shopping I am realizing that I am desperately in need of denim shorts. With the high amount of jeans I have you would think finding denim shorts would be easy but apparently it's not. I have tons of regular plain shorts but all my denim shorts are either too small or just plain too short. I have been on a mission to find inexpensive denim shorts, I am very picky, I don't like them frayed since they will just unravel, and I want something that doesn't look like I am trying to sell cocktails or walking out of Hollister or Abercrombie (saying those words on my blog gives me chills). So the last few days I have searched high and low for decent priced denim shorts and came to these conclusions! Tomorrow I am dragging my mom back to the mall to find these shorts!
Denim Shorts
4. Denim Shorts from H&M
So until next time.. Live Stylishly