Stylish Review: Misikko Hana Professional Flat Iron

Being the beauty junkie that I am when John from Misikko contacted me asking me to review one of his Hair Straighteners, the Hana Professional, I was more than excited! I am all for trying to newest and hottest flat irons! I have gone through many flat irons and for the last year I have been using my Chi and have been somewhat pleased with it, but I always wanted more. Well I think I have found it! The Hana professional is pretty much amazing!

From the get-go I noticed it was lightweight and it warmed up within a minute, which I LOVE! Of course the pink color was another positive aspect! As I began to straighten my hair, it instantly took away any frizz and static that I had in my hair and I will say that this straightener is definitely my go to beauty tool! What I love even more is that's it only $120 which is really reasonable for a straightener, which I believe is an investment! Misikko also sells blow dryers, the T3 Blow Dryer, and other hair and beauty products! I can't wait to continue to use this awesome beauty tool! Check out some photos of my first time using the hana professional!
So until next time... Live Stylishly