Stylish Laptop Cases

I have been eyeing a new Macbook Pro for months now, and while I probably won't get one until graduation, I have settled on finding the cutest laptop case for my current computer. I realized yesterday that I have had the same case for almost 3 years, and when my friend told me her new Marc by Marc case, I knew I needed to start searching for my new case! There are so many great options out there I can't decide! Here are my top picks, what do you think?
Laptop Cases
1. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Pretty Nylon" Computer Case $78
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Printed" Laptop Case $80
3. Coach "Poppy Print" Laptop Case $88
4. Cath Kidston Laptop Sleeve $45 
5. Kate Spade "Keyboard" Laptop Sleeve $60

Until next time... Live Stylishly

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  1. LOVE the Marc by Marc Jacobs! Actually... obsessed. I'm looking at the macbook pros too :)