Stylish Author: Whitney Port

I was excited to come home yesterday to a package at my doorstep that contained a book I had pre-ordered on Amazon months ago! My other favorite Hill's star, Whitney Port, is adding author to her growing resume. In her first book, True Whit, Whitney talks about designing a life on style, beauty, and fun! While it might seem very similar to her good friend Lauren Conrad's book or even Lo Bosworth's book, it definitely has a different persecutive on things.

I love Whitney because she is always so calm and collected and has an elegance to herself that is incredible. I am already halfway through the book and I must say, if you are a true stylelista you MUST own this book! It really has everything from work advice to even her family's favorite recipes along with pictures of Whitney and others throughout the years! In one part she lists her favorite books, and I love that she and I both love The Great Gatsby, she definitely has great taste! Definitely go buy this book, it's worth every penny, you will love Whitney even more than you did before!
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So until next time... Live Stylishly