The belly rules the mind.

So many of you know that me and the kitchen don't exactly get along, well really at all. Well as I am getting older I am realizing that eating out and eating frozen meals just isn't going to cut it any more so I am slowly starting to cook, and by cook I mean the most basic cooking ever! My lovely mother thought it would be perfect to purchase me "The Healthy College Cookbook" which has over 300 recipes with less than 8 ingrediants and are quick and easy to make. Basically any type of cook book would have freaked me out, but I took this as a challenge and while I didn't cook out of it right away I slowly went through it. This past weekend, I took a huge step and cooked dinner for a date which is something you would never ever hear me do! I cooked basic fetticuini alfredo, the sauce being homemade, and while it was something very basic, my date seemed to be very satisfied with the meal and his help made me much more comfortable being in the kitchen. While I don't plan on becoming the next Jamie Oliver or Paula Deen, I am slowly becoming the stylish chef, even it is basic meals! So if you want another tip on how to be the ultimate stylelista, try cooking, but start off basic if I were you! :)

So until next time... Live Stylishly

The 80's Are Back.

So recently I've been obsessed with neon colors specifically neon v-neck tees! I wore one this past week and I was in love with how well neon colors go with blondes! I know some of you may think neon colors is so 1980's but I happen to think its a trend that needs to be seen more! The intensity of the colors are 

I found the perfect tees from ironically Victoria's Secret for such a steal and I can't wait to wear them! They are perfect paired with jean shorts and even a bikini under it, a perfect combination for a hot summer day in Arizona! Some other great places together the comfy boyfriend fit v-neck is American Apparel, Alternative Apparel and even Nordstrom's BP department! So if I were you I'd go find some of these awesome v-necks you'll become obsessed just like I am!

Until next time.... Live Stylishly

Best friends are the ones who can be the farthest away but there the fastest when you call

"A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are"

If that quote doesn't sum up friendship I honestly do not know what does then. So I know I have written a prior post about my friends but a lot has changed and I have been blessed to have been given more friends that I can honestly say will always have my back no matter what., 

You know I mention B a lot, and while she may not know this I admire her so much and look up to her as a person. She has such a great sense of composure and strength through even the hardest times and I respect her as a person and am blessed to call her one of my closest friends. 

S who I have known since I was 14 has basically been through it all with me. With every broken heart, fight with our parents, fight with each other, and the best times ever she has been there for me. I so wish she could be here in Arizona with me but I know that for the rest of my life she will be my best friend no matter what. 

F, who has recently become one of my closest and dearest friends has been there for me when nobody else was. She talks me through every major situation and batttle I fight, and would fight till the end for me as I would for her. Her strength loyalty and beauty--- on the inside and out-- makes me so glad to call her my best friend. 

S, who has been my friend since the age of 5 has been the one and only person who completely understands everything about me to the tee. He is the most motivated and amazing individuals I have ever met and his passion for his work is so intense it gives me goosebumps. He has been through some of the toughest times and has always come out on top even better than before. This is someone who I will have as a friend until the day I leave earth. 

And finally L, she is the strongest and most beautiful individuals on the inside and out. Her life is not easy and her composure and strength is so admirable I envy it. She is being put through such hard times but her dedication and loyalty to her family is immense. She has had my back through my darkest days and has been someone who will drop everything to help another person. I am so glad I have her as one of my best friends.

Those are my closest friends and while I can't include everyone each one of my friends knows my love and gratefulness for them. I wouldn't be where I am without them and of course my family. Being a Stylelista isn't easy, but I get by with the help of my friends.

Until Next Time... Live Stylishly

Swimming in a Sea of Coral

So I have a new obsession, Coral. By now you know that I paint my nails almost weekly with a new color and I previously posted a post about OPI's Hong Kong Collection and one of my favorite colors from there is Hot and Spicy which of course is coral! Yesterday at work while I was stocking product I came across the most amazing coral nail polish by China Glaze. I have never bought this brand before but have used it at Nail Salons and for only $6.50 I knew it was a must. The color is called High Hopes and is basically amazing! For some reason it doesn't wash my skin out like other colors do since I do have such pale skin so its perfect for blondes! There are also some amazing cocktail rings with coral in it by Kenneth Jay Lane and Alexis Bittar. Basically the must have for stylelistas this summer is coral!

Until next time....Live Stylishly

Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find.

So April 22nd is Earth Day and I am a huge green activist and I try to do as much as I can to reduce my carbon footprint, even down to the makeup and clothing I wear. I figured I would share these tips on how to live a green life but still live stylishly. 

On a recent trip into Sephora, ssh don't tell Ulta, I found Tarte Cosmetics, which is makeup that is 98% free of parabens, petro-chemicals, phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.  I bought the most gorgeous eyeshadow kit with 10 eyeshadows a full size duo brush, eyelid primer, and a duel ended eyeliner for $44, which I feel is a steal. What is even better is that all the shadows are refillable so instead of having to toss the kit away you can replace it with either the same shadows or any other Tarte shadows. It's a steal and yet its still eco-friendly. I definitely will be buying more of this makeup in the future!

Another green tip I want to share is something I am sure many of you stylelistas have heard of, its called recycling your old electronics and getting cash back for them! Through Gazelle you can get cash for your used gadgets instead of tossing them and filling up landfills. All you have to do is visit the website and search for your electronic and provide them with some basic information about it, they price it accordingly, and then they send you a pre-paid recycled box to put your gadgets in and then you just drop it off at the post office! Once they receive your package, they inspect the item(s) and give you a price based on what they have seen and they either recycle it or refurbish it. You get your money in about a week through pay pal or a gift card and thats all you have to do! It is one of the coolest ways to reduce your carbon footprint and earn money! I have sold my old blackberry and old ipod and gotten a good price for each. Obviously the more used it is the less you will most likely get but it honestly depends and they give you a fair and reasonable price for all items so you don't have to worry about being scammed. Also through the month of April, they are sharing a green tip everyday on their website and their Twitter page in honor or Earth Day. This is a definite stylelista must!

Well I could go on all day about eco-friendly tips and ideas but I won't go on forever, 
so until next time..... live stylishly

Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola.

So sorry for my delay in posting, it has been a crazy past few weeks with finals week and then Spring Break! But I am back and ready to share some of my stylish tips!  I found out I am now officially in my final year of college and I can't be more ecstatic about that. 

Since it is Spring Break, you know spring shopping was the main highlight of my week. I finally got my beloved Tory Burch Flats that I have been eyeing for some time, and now I can officially say they are mine! 

While I was in my hometown of Houston, I got to attend The Warehouse Sale, where basically the ballroom of the Westin Hotel, in Houston for example, was taken over by racks and racks of denim and clothing and even to my surprise Smashbox Cosmetics for so incredibly cheap you wouldn't imagine! I got foundation for 9 bucks when the retail cost is more than 40, so lets say I was satisfied with my purchase. They had every brand from J brand, to William Rast to Paige and while I only bought a pair of MEK's, I know some people who bought tons of those brands! If you live in Houston or Dallas, the sale will be in Texas this month so check out their website for all the details! Totally worth the trip out for some great jeans, tops, and makeup up to 80% off!

Hope everyone has a great Easter and finds all the eggs they can! :)

Until next time.... live stylishly

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