The belly rules the mind.

So many of you know that me and the kitchen don't exactly get along, well really at all. Well as I am getting older I am realizing that eating out and eating frozen meals just isn't going to cut it any more so I am slowly starting to cook, and by cook I mean the most basic cooking ever! My lovely mother thought it would be perfect to purchase me "The Healthy College Cookbook" which has over 300 recipes with less than 8 ingrediants and are quick and easy to make. Basically any type of cook book would have freaked me out, but I took this as a challenge and while I didn't cook out of it right away I slowly went through it. This past weekend, I took a huge step and cooked dinner for a date which is something you would never ever hear me do! I cooked basic fetticuini alfredo, the sauce being homemade, and while it was something very basic, my date seemed to be very satisfied with the meal and his help made me much more comfortable being in the kitchen. While I don't plan on becoming the next Jamie Oliver or Paula Deen, I am slowly becoming the stylish chef, even it is basic meals! So if you want another tip on how to be the ultimate stylelista, try cooking, but start off basic if I were you! :)

So until next time... Live Stylishly