Stylish Under Pressure

Week 5 is finally over meaning midterms are once again behind me and I am one step closer to graduation. With only a few months left until I am officially the holder of a bachelor's degree comes a lot of work and alot of stress. This week has really tested my patience with school and work both being stressful, so in midst of chaos how does one remain stylish? Here are my tips:

1. LOTS of Starbucks! It may not always be healthy, but a gingerbread latte is a lifesaver in stressful times.

2. Online Shopping. Even if you aren't spending sometimes taking a break from work or school and just surfing the web for your must have helps you relax.

3. Music. Set your iTunes to shuffle and distract yourself for a few moments in your favorite tunes!

4. Your passion. For me its writing and fashion and sometimes remembering why your dealing with all this stress helps. I try to always remember I love writing and I love fashion and the steps I am taking now get me closer to that dream.

5. Friends! You know the saying "I get by with a little help from my friends" that saying is 100% true! Friends are supposed to be there for you as your supposed to be there for them so sometimes asking a friend to talk is what everyone needs!

So 5 tips to remain stylish under the pressure! I think they are 5 tips to live by!

Until next time.. Live Stylishly

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