Stylish Holiday Season

It's finally November! We all know what that means, its officially the start of the holiday season and for me that is my favorite time of year! In just two short months it will be Christmas and Turkey day is right around the corner, so I am already in Christmas mode to start decorating. While last year was my first year living away from home and being able to decorate that I took full advantage of it! Read my post this time last year here and this year I live in a new house which means new decorations! I am already making the list of the things I need to buy in order to make my house just perfect for the holidays! I wish I had the eye for decorating like some people, but as I was looking around I found these decorated houses that I adore!

now this is my kind of decorating! 3 trees is amazing!
I can't believe it is already November, this year has FLOWN by and before I know it, its going to be 2011. I am going to take the next two months to appreciate everything that has happened this year and plan for the future! 

So until next time... Live Stylishly