Stylish Holiday Must Have: December Issues

As if I don't already love the holidays enough, the best issues of my favorite magazines, next to the September issues of course, are sent out and they always contain the best things! Its perfect because they are delivered in November giving me a whole month to read over and it add to my growing wish list I'm making for Santa! So far I have already received Lucky and Glamour's December issues and as always both magazines contained items that I am lusting over for Christmas! 

Glamour's December 2010 issue has the gorgeous Fergie gracing the cover for the 20th anniversary special issue! It is also the women of the year issue featuring everyone from Diane von Furstenburg to Rihanna to even Maya Angelou! Definitely have to read the articles on each women!
Lucky Magazine's December 2010 issue had Diane Kruger as the cover girl and it also is their birthday celebrating the big 10! It had every piece of clothing I am lusting over and I can't wait to hopefully either see under the tree Christmas morning or purchase in the future!
Now I don't want to give too much away, so you definitely should pick up these two stylish magazine issues they are a must read! 
So until next time... Live Stylishly