Stylish Weekend Away Recap

I have returned from my mini vacation in the city of angels and I will admit, I was NOT excited to come home. After spending 4 days in my favorite place in the country, visiting with my family, reuniting with my friends, and visiting the happiest place on Earth, why would I want to come home! While the trip was based upon LA Fashion Week, unfortunately we didn't really do anything related to that but its okay. We sat in traffic for almost 3 hours missing the show we were planning on attending but instead went to the grove, (see this post for amazing info on the mall) and shopped and ate dinner and celebrated our last night in beautiful LA! 

But lets backtrack, I of course went to Disneyland, and had a blast! We got to see the park decorated for Halloween and we were on a mission to take a picture with as many of the characters as we could (some were impossible to find!) We then got to see friends in San Clemente and finally go to the beach and it was amazing! We went to a numerous amount of malls from South Coast Plaza to The Block at Orange to The Grove! It was a weekend of stylish relaxation and adventure. I know that I can't wait to finally move back and live that life everyday! Below are some pictures from my trip!

So until next time... Live Stylishly