Kollege Cooking

While I am no chef, I am slowly learning to cook, very slowly. I am always someone who loves to read the newest blogs as well, and when my friend Stefanie from school told me about the blog she and her boyfriend created, I knew I had to check it out! 

Stefanie and Michael created the blog to document their college eating lifestyle around their home city of Tempe, AZ. It has a very Julia and Julia feel, except its her and her boyfriend!  She and Michael talk about all the different restaurants to eat at in Tempe, and they aren't the ones we always think of, especially since Tempe is the home to Arizona State University. 

The blog is so well written and makes you hungry just looking at the awesome pictures. This blog is definitely stylelista approved! From their restaurant recommendations to even their easy to make recipes, this blog is definitely a stylish read! 
You can check out Stefanie and Michael's blog at www.kollegecooking.com 

photo credit: Kollege Cooking

Until next time... Live Stylishly