I sing in my blue jeans....

Such a perfect lyric from Jessie James to describe this post!

So I wrote a post back in March about the infamous "Warehouse Sale" and lucky for me, while visiting home this summer I got to visit the sale one again, and as usual wasn't disappointed. If you follow my blog, you know that jeans are probably my favorite clothing item and I am the owner of probably more than 30 pairs of jeans, and am always buying more to add to my collection. This sale I was determined to find another pair of MEK brand jeans, because my previous purchase has become my favorite, but I found something I definitely wasn't expecting. 

I have tried on numerous pairs of Paige denim, and have never had luck with them fitting me, always in the  waist but never in the legs. The reason for this I discovered was, Paige designer, Paige Adams- Geller is a former fit model who struggled with Anorexia during her early twenties and so she was determined to create denim for any size women and to make women feel know that it's okay not to be a size zero! For someone who has struggled with an eating disorder myself, Paige is an inspiration for me. She has overcome her battle with a deadly disease and wants to voice the fact that every women should love her body! Many famous celebs are avid Paige wearers as well! I finally found my ultimate pair of Paige Jeans, that like Paige is known for, makes my butt look amazing! The jeans not only fit in my waist but in my leg and butt, I am thrilled I found these and can't wait to wear them when I leave for Europe tomorrow morning! Another plus, they were only 70 bucks at the Warehouse Sale, another reason I HAD to have them!
My second purchase was another pair of jeans by Dylan George. I didn't know much about this designer but my friend I was with said this brand was very popular at Saks and Neiman's, I tried them on and knew I must have them. The dark wash jeans with the bootcut are definitely going to be my one of my favorite pair of jeans to wear!

So remember, denim is never out of style, you just got to find the best pair that show off all your assets :)

So until next time.... Live Stylishly