Stylish Amazon Spring 2022 Picks

1. Floral Chiffon Dress // 2. Strappy Studded Sandals // 3. Floral Romper // 4. Fedora Wide Brim Hat  // 5. Canvas Tote with Strap // 6. Puff Sleeve Rib Tee  // 7. Ankle Strap Espadrilles // 8. The Drop Small Tote Bag  // 9. Long Sleeve Backless Ruffle Dress // 10. Straw Bag // 11. Lace Crochet V Neck Top // 12. WearMe Pro Reflective Round Sunglasses  // 13. Rainbow Bracelet Set // 14.  Levi's 501 Shorts  // 15. Polarized Matte Black Square Sunglasses // 16. Ruffle Strapless Jumpsuit 

It's been a minute since I've posted (almost 2 months to be exact) and I have been feeling so guilty for not posting because this blog remains an outlet to be myself. With life still so different than what it was like pre Covid, I find it hard to find inspiration when I am not going out nearly as much as I should and working from home adds to this lack of feeling like I can share meaningful content. I am working so hard to get out of my own head and today's post is the start. Sharing some spring finds (maybe this funk is due to the cooler weather) that are definitely colorful and cheery and all from Amazon!! Wishing y'all a fab week ahead!

So until next time... Live Stylishly