Stylish Amazon Favorites: Spring 2021

It has been a minute since I've shared my recent Amazon purchases so I thought today was perfect. I feel like from February - April all I bought on Amazon was anything to relieve the pain from my herniated disc but as I am slowly getting back to my normal life, I've ventured away from pain relievers and more on fun products! My purchases have been slimmer as I am trying to save money but you know I can't go more than a few days without something from Amazon showing up! Remember all of my picks are below as well as over on my Amazon Store, which I update pretty often with other items as well! Hope everyone had a fab weekend!

1. Levi's 501 Original Shorts - I've been on the hunt for denim shorts for probably 6-8 months and NOTHING works for me. I don't love high waisted shorts because they hit me at a weird spot but after months of searching and discovering high waisted is all that they offer right now, these Levi's came into play. They definitely are true to size and are a higher waist but they are super affordable. They do go in and out of stock so put them in your cart and keep an eye out for your size!

2. CRZ Yoga Leggings - Staying on the clothing trend, these leggings are seriously so good I own two of the exact same pairs. I've compared them to the Lulu Aligns and they are identical and such a better price. These also go in and out of stock, so grab a pair, they are true to size and you won't regret it! 

3 & 4 - Star & Moon Earrings  - I basically always wore the same earrings for years and finally decided it was a change so I snagged these moon and star earrings and its the perfect combo. They are very small which was what I wanted so just a heads up :) 

5. Sojos Vintage Sunglasses - I've been on the hunt for new sunglasses for awhile and came across these which look identical to a much more expensive version and so I snagged them. They are just like the real thing and super comfortable! 

6. Crystal and Beaded Sandals - I love the bead detailing on these sandals which allows you to dress them up and down. Super comfy and affordable! 

7. Ice Roller - I used my jade roller for the first time in forever last week and realized that it looses its cool from being in the fridge within a minute. I've seen this ice roller everywhere but never snagged it and glad I did, it's seriously the best and it stays cold! 

8. Wander Beach Coverup - This swim coverup has almost 14,000 reviews and I've seen it on several other bloggers pages. I just snagged this for an upcoming trip and its so cute and under $20!

9. Acrylic Monitor Stand - I snagged this monitor stand earlier in the year after it was suggested by my doctor. Maybe I am naive but I never knew that raising your monitor could help your posture, but it does. Plus this one is super chic and looks great on all desks! 

10. Hello Weekend Beach Bag - We all need a good sized beach bag to carry all the essentials and this tote bag is the ideal size and is also multi functional as it can be used as a grocery bag or a tote in general :)

What are you loving on Amazon lately?
So until next time... Live Stylishly