Stylish Amazon Favorites: January 2021

I swear I feel like I was literally just writing my year end post and bam its already the last week of January. While this month has sort of flown by its also gone really slow at the same time, is that a thing!? Well I know I've been a little quiet on here the last month, and I blame my job for that. We hit the ground running after the new year and its literally been non stop ever since. Add in throwing my back out oh and California still basically being shut down and well here we are January 25th and I'm just now doing a new blog post. I've been trying to not shop this month to give my bank account a break after the holidays, but Amazon purchases always seem to get snuck in and so I'm sharing today what I've bought recently on Amazon! Hope y'all are having a fab week!

1. Kitsch Pro Satin Scrunchies - I've been hearing rave reviews about how silk scrunchies prevent creases at night so found these by one of my brands. A pack of 5 for $8!

2. Shiatsu Back Neck Massager - I don't' know if there is anything besides this that I have bought that i've ever gotten more use out of in the last 30 days. I will leave this at, it's worth every penny :)

3. Layering Necklaces - I am always here for any layered necklace trio but love that this set is actually 3 individual necklaces so you can wear them together or apart, they also are different lengths so look great layered with other necklaces as well! Plus they are 14k gold and don't turn your skin green lol!

4. Marble Makeup Travel Bag - Needed a travel bag that was deep enough to fit my taller products like dry shampoo and toothpaste and saw this on a blogger's page and instantly grabbed it. It's great because it has a zip pocket on the top as well but is still deep enough to fit everything. 

5. Artificial Roses with Vase - I needed something for my dining table and I have this type of faux flower vase on my coffee table and found this and knew I needed it. They are so pretty and it's perfect as a table decor item! 

6. Acrylic Scrunchie Stand - I've accumulated a ton of scrunchies and they all end up all over my house or in various drawers. Since I love a great acrylic organizer, I snagged this one that's perfect for organizing them all!

7. CND SolarOil - No matter what I do I always seem to have extremely dry cuticles and most cuticle oil (except for whatever magic they use at the nail salon) never works. I found this by CND and it's basically worked wonders. I put it on before my lotion and it keeps my cuticles moisturized all day! 

8. Burt's Bees Baobab Oil Ultimate Care Hand Cream - While we're on the topic of hands, this Burt's Bees hand cream has also worked wonders! I pair this with the solar oil and it's the perfect combo!

9. Capri Blue - Volcano Diffuser Oil - I am OBSESSED with the volcano scent and love diffusing this at night before bed, it smells amazing!

10. Heart Shaped Pillow - This is the perfect decor item for Valentine's Day! 

So until next time... Live Stylishly