Stylish Amazon Favorites: Summer 2020

I know I've been pretty silent over here the last month. My grandmother passed away 2 weeks ago yesterday and it has been a very tough few weeks. She was 92 and lived the most amazing life and I was so close to her so losing her has been absolutely devastating. I've tried to focus on myself and try to work through this which is why I sort of abruptly stopped blogging last month. I am hoping to slowly start getting back into it as I know she'd want me too. On the happier side, my sister is due to give birth to my nephew ANY day now so at least there is some huge light at the end of this pretty dark tunnel! I thought a great post to get back into the swing of things would be to share what I've bought on Amazon this summer. I love doing these posts because I am Amazon obsessed, as you know, so I love sharing my finds! Remember you can also see ALL of my Amazon favorites over at my Amazon storefront! I hope y'all had a great long weekend and thanks for hanging in there with me during my month off!

1. Kitsch Velvet Scrunchies - I was born in the 90s so growing up scrunchies were jam and honestly don't know why I ever stopped wearing them. I get headaches after my hair is up for too long and these give no headaches are $8 for 5!

2. Marco Almond Knife Set - OK so I have to admit this purchase was totally influenced by a celebrity. I was watching Selena Gomez's show Selena + Chef on HBO Max and saw she had these crazy amazing rainbow knives. I just did a quick google search and found that she got them from Amazon and they were under $50 (they were on sale when I purchased now they are $64) for a 14 piece set. I've never owned a full knife set before because I didn't do a lot of cooking until the last year or so and I am so glad that I waited for these, they are amazing and look great on the counter!

3. Pedicure Foot File - With nail salons still closed in California, I have become a pro at giving myself mani and pedis. I struggle with really rough feet because I walk barefoot everywhere and I always am looking to scrub my feet with something that lasts more than a day. I found it with this foot file, like it makes your feet SO smooth and it comes with replaceable pads so you can easily switch them out. Seriously my feet stay smooth for over 2 weeks after just one time of using this. Plus it's $9!!

4. Laptop Stand - I've worked from home for almost 2 years now and I have always used an external monitor, but recently I've noticed my neck has been hurting I think from leaning down to view my screen since my monitor was at such a higher level, I found this monitor stand that has honestly helped my posture and my neck! 

5. Acrylic 3 Drawer Organizer - I was cleaning out my car last month and realized I had like 10 pairs of sunglasses just stuffed in my middle console and honestly didn't know I had half the ones I found. I knew I clearly needed a better storage system so found this organizer which holds up to 9 glasses nearly and so you can see them! I've actually already worn them more just by seeing them on my dresser as I am getting ready! 

6. Alba Botanica Pimple Patches - These pimple patches are amazing! I got a box in a press package last year and after trying them just one night, it made my pimple go away entirely. These ones are amazing because I've put them on and forgotten they were on and went out in public and they are undetectable. I put them on at the first sight of a pimple forming and its gone the next day. They also have a larger and smaller size included so for tougher areas of your face (like your nose and such) you can use the small size. These are the real deal!

7. Homasy Diffuser - I've been an essential oils fan for years now and my former diffuser was getting pretty bad. I like the bigger sizes because they last throughout the night. This diffuser is affordable and works perfectly. It's 500 ml and has the color changes but is also BPA free which helps with the grossness inside which my last one had majorly. 

8. e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil - I've been wearing basically no makeup lately but after seeing someone on Instagram use this eyebrow pencil and seeing that it was only $2 I knew I had to try it. I was not disappointed. I love e.l.f products and this brow pencil stays on all day and looks super natural. For reference I chose the blonde color and its actually way darker than other blonde pencils I've used which I liked! 

9. Snuggle- Pedic Memory Foam Pillow - I am very picky when it comes to pillows. I literally have tried every pillow under the sun it feels like and it works for a few months and then it gets flat and I have to move on. I did a TON of research on pillows and I actually bought this bought this back in early May but wanted to try it for a few months before I shared. It's by far the best pillow I have found. This pillow is completely customizable for you, you can add or remove the shredded filling and it comes with extra! Prior to buying this, I had neck aches and headaches every day and thought my mattress might be going but after reading tons of articles online, I discovered it was my pillow. I researched every pillow brand I could find and this brand kept coming up on the regular. I will say that after the first night I wasn't impressed but I was told to use it for at least a month to have my body adjust and actually within a week I noticed a HUGE difference. I could not recommend this pillow more, so buy it you won't be disappointed! 

10. Fuzzy Slippers - I snagged these for my sister as a gift for her so she can wear these in the hospital when she gives birth because closed toed slippers are too much with how hot it is in Phoenix still. I actually have a pair as well and they are so soft, it's like walking on a cloud. They are sturdy on the bottom too so if you have to quickly go outside it won't feel like your walking on the concrete. They come in a ton of colors as well! 

So until next time... Live Stylishly