Stylish Amazon Favorites: April 2020

I know, I know.... it's been far too long since I have shared a new post. Actually my last post was the very first day of this quarantine and here we are early 30 days later. Staying at home has clearly left me and others uninspired but yesterday I finally got some inspiration thanks to the beautiful weather! I am sure you can agree that Amazon has been a lifesaver during this crazy time. While shipping might be taking a tad longer, I am incredibly thankful to have Amazon to go to. More time equals more buying opportunity so what time is better than now to share my recent Amazon purchases! Hope y'all are staying safe, sane and healthy! We will get through this!

1. Tyler Diva Scented Candle - I've been a Tyler candle lover for years but this scent just outdoes it, I am obsessed! It also comes in other products too so make sure to check them out!

2. 30 oz Tumbler with Straws - I am TERRIBLE with drinking water and since purchasing this tumbler I drink 3-5 fills of this a day... This thing keeps water and ice SO cold for hours, worth every penny! Comes in a ton of colors as well!

3. Handheld Mini Foamer - I have limited kitchen counter space, so purchasing a milk frother wasn't a possibility for me but when I found this I was set! It makes it just like you get at Starbucks for a fraction of the price!

4. Apple Watch Screen Protector - Maybe it's just me but since I got my Apple Watch last Christmas I noticed when I would walk by something I would scrape it against the wall and thus scraping the face of the watch. Well in come these little screen protectors and voila! Its literally undetectable on your watch too. 

 5. V Neck Chiffon Blouse - I literally bought this top RIGHT before the quarantine began so I've only worn it around my house but I love the flowiness and ease of the top. It's great quality too for the price! It runs true to size as well!

6. CRZ YOGA Women's 7/8 High Waisted Yoga Pants - I have never owed a pair of Lululemon leggings but from what I hear these dupes are pretty much the same. These leggings literally suck in everything and are super soft. They are so good they are in and out of stock always. These will be back in stock on 4/20, but seriously buy them you won't be disappointed.

7. Cuticle and Nail Set - If you are one of the lucky ones who still have your gels on and now are just needing to take it off, order these tools! These got my gels off super easily and properly!

8. Wyze Camera - OK so this wasn't a recent purchase but I had to share! My dad got me this camera for Christmas and I honestly can't believe I didn't know about it sooner. Not only is it under $40 but its probably the nicest camera I've ever had. I spent $100 on a stable one angle camera and this camera does pan, tilt and zoom at 1080p. My dad has these cameras all around his house and they are amazing even states away!

9. Moisturizing Socks - Since pedicures are kind of out of the question right now, these  moisturizing socks are seriously a lifesaver!

10. Cross Band Soft Plush Fleece House Slippers - With the weather getting warmer, warm slippers might be less and less appealing but these cross band slippers are so soft and cozy but let your feet breathe at the same time.

What have you been loving from Amazon lately?!

So until next time... Live Stylishly