Stylish Amazon Favorites: February 2020

It's been a minute since I have shared some of my Amazon purchases and today felt like the perfect opportunity to share what I've been favoriting and my recent purchases. I truly spend more time than I'd like to admit browsing Amazon, seeing what my favorite influencers are purchasing and buying things that totally aren't necessary but a "necessity" in the moment. I haven't been really buying clothes much mostly because the last few times I have, I've been forced to return but I did include one or two clothing items that I have been able to make work! Here are just a few of the things I've been loving from Amazon. Remember you can shop my Amazon page direct which is constantly updated with all my favorite things. Hope y'all are having a great Wednesday, we are halfway there! 

1. Silicone Stand Dock for Apple Watch - I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and the charging cable was always falling off my nightstand and slipping and sliding. Found this dock which literally is a lifesaver and under $10!

2. Faux Fur Lined Suede Slippers - I work from home and rarely put on regular shoes and found these slippers which are literally like walking on a cloud. They are so warm and so cozy and for under $23 you can't beat them. They also come in tons of other colors. I recommend your true size as some reviewers said they run big but they definitely do not! 

3. Faux Pink Peonies in Vase - I just got this on Monday and am loving in! I've been on the hunt for some faux flowers and this with the vase is under $25 and they don't look so fake either! 

4. Beauty Blender Holder - OK if you have light countertops in your bathroom, these are truly a lifesaver. I was getting tired of cleaning up makeup from my white counters every day and decided that my beauty blenders either needed a home or they were going to get thrown away so I found these metal holders and they are legit the best. They work wet or dry and keep my counters cleaner than ever!

5. Reusable K-Cup Pod Coffee Filters- I normally always use K-cups but received this really nice bag of coffee for Christmas and didn't have a way to drink it. My mom told me about these reusable pods that you can just wash out after you use them and they fit all Keurig machines. This is a 4 pack so you never run out! 

6. Leopard Print Apple Watch Band - As I mentioned I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and while I love the white band it comes with I wanted to mix it up and snagged this leopard print band for under $10! I've had it almost 2 months and its still in perfect condition! 

7. Bohemia Sun and Moon Layered Choker Necklace Crescent Moon Necklace- I have shared this necklace on my Instagram before but this is probably my favorite purchase from Amazon in the last few months. I love this 3 tiered necklace and its the perfect piece to dress up any outfit! It's also under $9!

8. 7 Piece Laundry Bag Set- I always wash my delicate clothing items in a laundry bag because I am convinced my washer puts holes in these items. The zipper on my ancient bag finally broke and I found this 7 piece set of all different sized bags that are amazing and again under $10!

9. Stripe Glitter and Metallic Star Sneakers- I've also shared these on my Instagram post and if you're looking for a Gucci like sneaker but refuse to pay the hefty price tag for them, these sneaks are your jam! Ive gotten SO many compliments on them and people definitely think they are real! 

10. Leopard Bikini -  I am definitely on a leopard kick lately and can't wait to wear this leopard bikini! Love the color and that its bright for summer!

11. Heart Earrings - These are perfect for Valentine's Day! 

12. LOVE Acrylic Clutch - Another Valentine's Day favorite is this LOVE clutch! This is honestly perfect for all year round!

What are you loving from Amazon lately?!
So until next time... Live Stylishly