Recent Stylish Amazon Purchases

Let's talk about Amazon. I don't know about you, but I think I have given that company at least half my income for the last 10 years and I have no shame. Not only is it the best resource for practically any need one may have, it's also consistently ALWAYS the cheapest. I am one of those people who if I see something in stores and I know Amazon sells it, I whip out my phone and check to make sure Amazon doesn't have it for a cheaper price. Maybe that's the budget shopper in me but I am not afraid to admit that either. It's been a minute since I shared some of my recent Amazon favorites, so I figured I'd share some items that I am loving that are all from Amazon. I furnished half my apartment thanks to Amazon if that gives you any idea! Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

1. Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay Mask - I've mentioned before that I am having a really tough time with my skin lately and I am honestly willing to try any product that I can to help it and when my sister told me about this must have clay mask, I snatched it up and don't know how I lived so long without it! This is the real deal it truly helped my skin with just one use and its $11! It also lasts you FOREVER since you need such a small amount to make a mask! Make sure you read the directions and this little mask kit was great to use with it!

2. Schick Silk Touch-Up Multipurpose Exfoliating Derma-planing ToolWhile we are on the topic of skincare, I snagged these last month, again to help my skin, and boy did they work and for $5 they are definitely worth adding to your regime. I know you can go and get this professionally done and would still suggest that but this is a great alternative for in between salon sessions!

3. Vidalia Chop Wizard Pro MaxThis item I swear by because I am a huge cooking person, but there's nothing worse than cutting an onion, honestly! This "as seen on tv" product actually works and when my last one broke due to user error (I smashed it down way to hard) I tried to replace it with an electric one which was a huge mistake and ended up buying this one again, worth EVERY penny!

4.  MIULEE Velvet Soft Solid Decorative Square Throw Pillow CoversYou would think that finding fuchsia colored pillow covers would be easy but I swear I looked everywhere and most places wanted $60+ for each cover. Well Amazon did it again with this set of 2 velvet pillow cases! I love them so much, I bought the purple too!

5. HP 23.8-inch Monitor with Tilt/Height Adjustment and Built-in Speakers -  While I love my Macbook Air, working from now home and staring at it all day was tough. My budget did not include a new desktop so I did research on the best external monitors and this HP one was it. It's also not a typical monitor as you can rotate it like a iPad and it adjusts up and down. Even the guy in Best Buy told me this was a good deal at just over $100! It also has built in speakers which was key for me!

6. CreateGreat Fitbit Alta HR and Alta Replacement Sport Accessory BandsThese Fitbit replacement bands are worth it if you like to change up your band often. The basic black band that comes with the Alta HR is great but its boring after awhile. When I saw these shiny ones I instantly bought them and never looked back! Under $10 and they are identical to the ones by Fitbit!

7. FITORY Women's Flat Sandals SlidesWhile I may have 2 pairs of these amazing sandals, I still can't believe I paid the price I did for them. These EXACT replicas are more than half the price and you really honestly cannot tell the difference.

8. NERLEROLIAN Women's Adjustable Strappy Split Summer Beach Casual Midi DressOK this technically isn't a recent purchase but I snagged this dress last summer and saw that it's still available! It is so lightweight and perfect for the warm months ahead and its $17! It also comes in 11 other colors!

So until next time... Live Stylishly


  1. Ooooh those shoes are so cute!! I've been needing new sandals for the summer too! Amazon has such good fashion finds.

  2. I want to try that healing clay!