Stylish & Chic Work From Home Wardrobe Must Haves

I officially joined the "work from home club" about 2 months ago when some life changes happened, and while I love it so far I will admit, my wardrobe has completely changes. I partially blame not having my full closet where I am living (more on that later) and partially the fact that it's less motivating to get all dolled up when I truly only see my dog most days except for the occasional video chats with my boss. I've been living in anything comfortable that isn't pajamas. Granted this all happened in winter, so comfort and warmth was my main concerns. I do go days without actually putting real pants on (mostly I am referring to jeans and or anything that isn't stretchy) which I've loved but there comes a time when a girl has got to step it up, especially someone like me who is obsessed with fashion and its a part of her life. The point of this long rant is I need a closet makeover at least this closet I have. Anyone with me? I spent some time researching the best work from home pieces that everyone must have in their closet! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

So until next time... Live Stylishly


  1. I have a super casual workplace and totally understand! For me, even though I can be casual I still want to have fun pieces that make me feel pulled together or else I feel drab every day. I LOVE those polka dotted pants your picked out! So cute for spring!

    xx Caroline

  2. Comfy cute is a definite must wherever you work!


  3. Gotta love comfortable clothing that also still looks flattering on! I love those wide-leg red pants. Some fun finds!

  4. Nice choices! I really like the denim shirt!

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