A Stylish Look Back at 2017

Who can believe that 2017 is coming to a close. I swear this year has just flown by, and I know people always say that but I swear it was just new years 2017 and now its almost 2018! This has been a year of a lot of change and a lot of growing up. This also was my 8th year running this blog and as many of you can tell, I scaled back this year as I focused a lot more on my career. I still love this blog and everything it has brought me, but after 8 years I had to learn to share my focus with other things. I am still so eternally grateful for every single person that has stood by me and supported my blog even through all the changes and I couldn't not share some of my favorite moments of 2017. I hope everyone has the best new years and a wonderful 2018! 

1. I kicked off the year with a bedroom makeover after years of talking about it. I am still loving the fresh update with lots of white and bright pictures. 

2. I announced that my blog was going to see some changes in 2017 and the support I got was overwhelming!

3. I headed to Vegas with my momma for a fun girl's weekend and saw my childhood icon Britney Spears!

4. My sister graduated with her Master's this year over Memorial Day Weekend and I got to celebrate with her and my family!

5. I turned 27 this year and got to celebrate with a beach party with all my favorite people!

6. I headed to Hawaii with my two best girlfriends and spent the week in paradise living it up and working on my tan. It was one of my favorite things of 2017!

7. My hometown of Houston was hit hard due to Hurricane Harvey and while I was so far away I tried to support every cause as best I could.

8. I kicked off the holiday season with my 3rd annual 12 Stylish Days of Gift Guides where I shared 12 gift guides for every single person in your life! It was another success and I am ever so grateful!

Along with endless outfit posts (see some of my favorites below), nail polish collections and of course my millions of must haves, 2017 has been a unforgettable year. I am so looking forward to 2018 and what this blog has to bring for me and what the year has in store. Thank you again to each and every person who has supported me here at Stylelista Confessions. I cheers to y'all! Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!

So until next time... Live Stylishly