Stylish Shopbop "Event of the Season" Sale Picks

Shopbop Sale Picks 2016
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Alright people, it's that time of year again (I feel like I say that a lot, but really this is the big one) it's time for Shopbop's Event of the Season sale! Spend up to $500 and receive 25% off off their order and spend over $500 and get 30% off your order. If you haven't already maxed out your credit card like a certain someone has, this is the time to stock up on your favorite fall pieces while they are still available! Those boots you have been eyeing for months but couldn't get yourself to click purchase, well now you have no reason not too! Use code MAINEVENT16 at checkout. I of course couldn't not share what I am loving so here is what I drooling over! Remember this sale only goes through Saturday at 4:00 am EST, so hurry! Hope y'all are having a fantastic week!

So until next time.... Live Stylishly