Stylish Fall 2016 Nail Collection: Essie's Go Go Geisha

As the hottest months of summer approach, fall is at the top of my mind and I am dreaming of cooler weather to come. Lucky for me, Essie is about to debut their latest collection for fall 2016 and this is a definite must have. While I've been doing gel on my nails the past two years, I am going to be taking a break after an upcoming wedding and I will definitely be back to painting my own nails and needing new colors in my ever growing collection. This season's collection is all about Global Color Designer Rebecca Minkoff's time in Tokyo. The collection reflects the changing fall foliage and the tastes and energy of Tokyo. As Essie states, "The six shade palette creates a perfect balance between trendsetting color and classic looks. Deeps include the intense damson plum of kimono-over and the striking orange rust of playing koi. Pastel shades of gray, blue and pink anchor the collection with soft versatility and timeless chic." The six new shades are set to debut at the end of August and I am drooling over Maki Me Happy and Udon Know me, what are your favorites?
Playing Koi – flirtatious orange rust
Maki Me Happy – crimson-wrapped berry
Kimono-Over – inviting damson plum
Now and Zen – timeless sage gray
Udon Know Me – mysterious stony blue
Go Go Geisha – antique blossom pink
Hope everyone is having a great week!

So until next time... Live Stylishly