Stylish New Obsession: Watercolor

As a graphic designer I come across a lot of different inspiration. I recently was asked to design my roommate and friend's wedding invitation and she expressed to me she wanted to incorporate watercolor. I'll be honest, I had absolutely no clue how I was going to do that or even attempt to make it happen. After hours of searching online I found out that it is way easier I thought and I while I am not going to share the final invite until later this summer, I will say it came out amazing thus turning me onto watercolor. I am obsessed now, I cannot get enough of it. I am planning to actually get real watercolor and draw a painting for my room, but I thought until then I would share some of the watercolor things that are inspiring me right now! Hope everyone is having a kick ass week!
Images credit: Pinterest & Etsy

So until next time... Live Stylishly

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