September Stylish Girl of the Month: Gigi Hadid

from left to right:
This gold Michael Kors jumpsuit is basically to die for. 
Gigi wore DVF to the Met Gala and she looked gorgeous!
This Versace dress was definitely a shocker but Gigi as always looks stunning!
Tom Ford and Gigi are the perfect match, which is probably why she is the face of his brand.
Gigi never is seen in something bad and this Emilio Pucci mini is no exception!

Can you believe that today is already the last day of September!? I swear the month just flew by and now its going to be October! The end of the month means a new stylish girl of the month pick and since the month was filled with fashion at New York, London and Milan Fashion Week, I decided to pick a model who is nonstop on the runway and in print. Gigi Hadid is by far the "it girl" of fashion right now and is the perfect fit for September's SGOTM. It's hard to believe that Gigi is only 20 years old and is already the face of so many brands. She also is like the trendsetter for so many items and is basically always on WhoWhatWear and PopSugar.  See why I chose her as September's Stylish Girl of the Month!

What is your favorite look on Gigi?

So until next time... Live Stylishly

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