Stylishly Getting Through It All...

I don't like to get into my personal life on my blog because it probably will just bore some people and I want to keep Stylelista Confessions all about being stylish. While I have had a rough past few months personally, my blog has really kept me going. Its one of the only places in the world that is mine and only mine and I will forever cherish that. I have good days and bad days like everyone, and yesterday was a not so good one. I was able to talk to some people close to me who helped me realize that only time will heal the pain I am feeling but if I focus on the good, the bad will go away. Some days, you just need to hear something like that to get you back into your positive thinking. I would love to hear how you all get through the bad days! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
So until next time... Live Stylishly

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