Stylish Wardrobe {Shocking} Must Have: Turtlenecks

Stylish Turtlenecks
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I can totally remember that up until a few years ago the word "turtleneck" would have never come out of my mouth. In fact, I can remember being a kid and my mom (who was also wearing one) would force to me wear a turtleneck (on colder days) and I would always complain and claim how itchy and annoying they were. To think that just a few short (okay well, long) years later I would be dedicating an entire blog post to them shows you just how far I have come from my days of complaints about fashion! Well mom, this is for you! Turtlenecks are back and better than ever and whomever said they weren't cool, clearly haven't been shopping in the last well year. While I still am not a huge fan of the solid white cotton turtleneck, there are TONS of alternatives that are just way more stylish! I decided to scour my favorite stores to find the best and only the best turtlenecks that won't be leaving you itchy or restricted. 
What are your feelings on turtlenecks?
So until next time... Live Stylishly

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