Stylish NYFW Spring 2015 Beauty Trends

I know I haven't been reporting on any fashion week trends, but I promise I didn't forget and am going to give you my usual NYFW beauty round up of the hot trends we are most likely to see in Spring 2015! NYFW was another incredible week of fashion and beauty and we saw tons of trends I can't wait to sport in the coming months. I broke it down in three groups, hair, makeup and nails. 

A HUGE trend I saw at NYFW with makeup was the "natural" look, meaning sans mascara, liner, shadow etc) which I am all for!
While the natural style was a popular one, I did see another trend that I am definitely interested to see if it catches on. Glittery facial embellishments of all shapes and forms were a popular trend. From stars to chunks of glitter or eyebrow rings, embellishments weren't just seen on clothing this season. 
The third trend that was common was bold lids. While last season it was bold lips the bright neon colors have moved up the eyelids and are definitely going to be a huge trend for spring 2015! I personally love the neon blues, it definitely is daring but stylish! 

Braids seem to be coming back season after season, which I am totally okay with! From messy loose braids to tight fishtail braids, braids were all over! 
I wear this next trend so often I am so excited I am the actually ahead of the game this time! Low ponytails were a frequent hair style but with messy 

My favorite part of this recap is obviously the nails! Like some of the makeup we saw on the runway, the nail trends were also very simple yet chic. Simple sophisticated nail art was what we saw. Solid colors with one nail with art and monochromatic styles was all the rage in NYC.
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So there you have it, the top beauty trends from NYFW! What are your favorite trends for spring 2015?
So until next time...Live Stylishly

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