Stylish Beauty Must Have: NovaWhite

I seem like a never ending struggle I have is keeping my teeth super white. While I avoid soda I am a coffee addict and drink wine so keeping my teeth consistently white is a struggle. I have basically tried every single whitening system there is it feels like and while they work for a short time, my teeth go right back to being white. I was getting to the point where I was going to go to my dentist and just get bleach trays since that was the only method I haven't tried until I found NovaWhite. NovaWhite is a Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening System. This system uses the same solution that dentists use but is practically half the price! I always had the issues that my teeth would get SUPER sensitive when I used any whitening strips and this was the first system I used that I had no sensitivity. NovaWhite's SuperNova and Go Kits ($54.00) come  with all whitening necessities: generic or customized whitening trays, whitening gel solution, lip balm, breath spray, wash cloth and travel bag. I got the chance to try out the customized whitening trays and can I say I already see a difference just after one use! You fit the trays to your mouth by the boil and bite  method and the trays literally are molded exactly to your mouth in minutes! Using the pre measured gel you squeeze them into the trays and leave them on for about an hour and voila, whiter teeth! It was the absolute perfect quick fix for me. I was so excited in the beginning to use it that I forgot to take a before picture , but if you look at my past outfit shots, you can tell my teeth definitely needed some whitening love. Below is my after shot and I am so pleased with the results and definitely will continue to use this system! (mind the horrible pix quality and my messy hair!)
I have more great news! NovaWhite is offering Stylelista Confessions readers 15% and off their online purchases using STYLELISTA15. If you are looking for a quick and affordable way to whiten your teeth without the annoying sensitivity, definitely pick up Nova White!
So until next time.... Live Stylishly
Thank you to NovaWhite for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% my own. All images credit NovaWhite. 
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